Computer Essentials
Computers have become a necessary part of our lives. Learn about key concepts related to ICT and computers.
Online Essentials
The Internet is an amazing source of information. In this module, you will learn about the various uses of Internet.
Word Processing
Learn what a word processing application is, its uses, benefits and features.
A spreadsheet application such as excel can store data and numbers and perform calculations quite easily.
Using Databases
Learn what a database is and what it is used for.
Today, electronic presentations are used to supplement the classroom lectures, meetings, seminars and conferences.
IT Security
Learn to protect important data on your computer and on the internet in today's age of computers.
Improving Productivity Using IT Skills
In today's world, Information Technology (IT) is helping us to be more productive in all walks of life.
Online Collaboration
Learn about online mediums and applications that helps co-located or geographically spread individuals to work togather.
Project Planning
Learn different phases project planning for successful project completion.